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What are the different types of online forms that can be built with WordPress?

3 minute read

Online forms are a great way for a website visitor to contact the website owner or administrator about their specific inquiries or needs. There could be a lot of different types of online forms with WordPress and let’s discuss each one of them in this article.

Why is it necessary to know different types of online forms?

It’s better to understand different types of forms especially if you’re running a website. Knowing the types of forms can help the website owner to easily achieve the specific goal that they need. This can easily help both the form visitor and owner as there wouldn’t be any unnecessary fields that aren’t needed on filling up the forms. By having the right path for creating a specific type of form, a form submitter could just focus on fields that are suitable for the right type of form that he or she is creating.

Different types of forms and their uses

Let’s jump ahead and tackle the different types of forms that can easily be built with a WordPress website.

Contact form

You may already have heard about this or maybe know about this kind of form. Contact forms are the most commonly used type of form on every website. In fact, it can be found on almost all websites. The use of this kind of form is to just let the form visitor contact the website administrator the easy way. Of course, you may already know that you can just provide an email address to your website’s contact page and form visitors could just send an email to it, then why it still better to use a contact form? All the necessary details that you’ll want from your website visitor could easily be gathered with the right fields that you’re going to add to your contact forms. For instance, if you just provide an email address to your website visitors, to contact you and then just send an email without any fields from the contact form, they could miss info that you’ll need from them, unlike from using a contact form, you’ll decide what to include. Name, Email, Message, Full name and etc.

Payment form

This type of form is commonly used in an e-commerce website. This form commonly includes the product and customer details—and of course, the necessary details to make a payment successful, like credit card input fields. With this kind of form, an online transaction is possible. To make this form effective, the form creator should include necessary information about the product details that will be ordered and the customer details—product SKU, quantity, price, customer information, date and time, and any other fields that are significant for that order that will be created.

Survey form

This type of form gathers info data from form submitters and checks customers’ impressions about their product and uses it to improve goals. Feedback forms shouldn’t be stressful to fill up by form submitters—usually multiple choice questions that use a Radio field. Form fields should be too lengthy and unbiased as sometimes, survey forms are skipped because it is usually filled up after the needs of a customer have been met or at the end of the transaction, and customers don’t need to fill it up. That’s why, form creators usually add a small compensation or reward when their customer has filled up a survey form.

Newsletter Subscription form

This type of form is very common and also second to the contact form which can be found on a website nowadays. This type of form is usually integrated into a marketing tool to collect audience email addresses and include them in a group that will receive newsletters from the website owner. This form usually includes only a Name, Email field, and a Consent checkbox.

Using Happyforms form builder to build these forms

I’ve just given a few types of forms, but there are lots of them. Well, the thing there is to make sure you’ve added the correct fields to a specific type of form that you’re gonna create and test it to ensure that it works properly to meet the goals that you’ll want to achieve.

Happyforms, a form builder plugin could easily build these kinds of forms. The main goal is, that each of every field should work as expected to build this kind of form.

Wrapping it up

We’ve introduced different kinds of forms that can easily be built with WordPress, one particular plugin that could help do the job is Happyforms. With the right field that works correctly, it ensures that any type of form that a website owner can create satisfies both the website owner’s and the form submitter’s needs.

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