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Learn about WordPress forms

How to build a WooCommerce product enquiry form

4 minute read

A product enquiry form allows your visitors or potential customers to ask questions or request information about your product or service. These forms typically ask for the user’s contact information (such as name, email address, and phone number) and provide a space for them to write their inquiry or message. What are the advantages of Continue Reading…

How to create a payment form with WordPress

2 minute read

You have recently launched a WordPress website and are now interested in selling your first e-book, a ticket, or accepting donations. After some research, you’ve discovered that you need to install an e-commerce plugin to collect payments from your website visitors. However, setting up an e-commerce plugin can be a bit complicated, and you’d prefer Continue Reading…

How to add a contact form in WordPress

5 minute read

You chose WordPress because of its user-friendly interface. It only takes a few clicks to create a website and make it available to the world. However, now you need a way for customers to get in touch with you, and you’re not sure how to add a contact form. While a contact form is a Continue Reading…

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