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Learn about WordPress forms

How to create a multi-step form with WordPress

2 minute read

Picture this: you’ve heard a lot about a product from your friends and you’re excited to try it out. You go to the website’s registration page, but you’re met with a very long form that asks for your personal information, address, occupation, and other questions. Frustrated, you end up abandoning the registration process. Unfortunately, this Continue Reading…

How to block contact form spam in WordPress

5 minute read

Contact form spam can be very frustrating and it can impact websites of all sizes. Spammers flood your inbox with irrelevant and meaningless messages. Dealing with spam messages is a significant hassle because you can’t simply delete them in bulk. There’s always a risk that a genuine message might be mistakenly marked as spam, resulting Continue Reading…

How to build a WordPress custom registration form

4 minute read

Here you are: you need to build a registration form, with a custom design, and you want the freedom to embed it anywhere in your site. Maybe you’d like to support additional user fields. So what are your options?

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