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How to shuffle form fields order on every page visit with WordPress

2 minute read

Shuffling form fields order on every page visit can help eliminate bias in responses. In this guide, we’ll show you the easiest way to implement this feature in your WordPress form without requiring any custom code. We’ll simply use the pro version of Happyforms, and you can set it up within just a few minutes!

What is form fields order shuffling?

Form field order shuffling is a valuable technique used to prevent biased responses, particularly in feedback or survey forms. With this approach, the order of form fields is randomized on each page visit, ensuring a different sequence of questions for each form submitter. By doing so, it helps minimize the influence of question order on respondents’ answers, reducing the likelihood of biased responses. While form field order shuffling cannot completely eliminate biased responses, it is an effective factor in reducing their impact on your form. Let’s dive right in! Here are the simple steps to create a WordPress form with ease!

Step 1: Install and activate Happyforms

Once you’ve registered for an account and downloaded the Happyforms plugin, proceed by installing and activating the plugin on your WordPress site. After that, register your copy using the provided registration key.

Step 2: Create a new Form

To create a new form, head over to FormsAdd new screen. Then, choose the form fields that you’ll be adding to your form. In this example, I’ve created a few radio fields as I’m going to mimic a survey-type form.

Step 3: Enable the Shuffle order of fields option

To enable the option Shuffle order of fields, just tick the Shuffle order of fields option under the Setup tab of your form builder and that’s it! Your form fields will be shuffled on every page visit.

BONUS: Shuffle order of choices option

In the free and pro versions of the Happyforms plugin, there’s an awesome option called Shuffle order of choices. This feature allows you to shuffle the choices for each choice-type field on every page visit! Isn’t that cool? It adds an element of variety and contributes to unbiased responses from users interacting with your form.


In this article, we’ve explored the advantages of shuffling form field orders, which can greatly contribute to obtaining unbiased responses from form submitters. With the Happyforms plugin, achieving this is straightforward – simply enable the Shuffle order of fields option. Moreover, in the free version of Happyforms, you can also benefit from the Shuffle order of choices feature, which shuffles the options of choice-type fields on every page visit. This proves especially valuable for collecting unbiased responses, particularly in survey or feedback forms.

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