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Happyforms documentation

Your account

Sign into your account

Change your account name, email, or password

Update your credit or debit card details

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Nailing the basics

Install the plugin

Register the plugin

Turn on/off the plugin’s automatic updates

Check the plugin’s version

Add a form to a post, page

Remove a form from a post, page, or template

Import a form

Export a form

Set user role capabilities

Delete the plugin

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Getting to know forms

Add a new form

Edit an existing form

Duplicate an existing form

Trash a form

Permanently delete a form

Filter forms by date

Bulk edit forms

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Handling submissions

Mark a submission read/unread

Mark a submission as spam

Trash a submission

Permanently delete a submission

Restore a spammed or trashed submission

Edit a submission

Change a submission date

Bulk edit submissions

Filter submissions by form

Search submissions by keyword

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Managing coupons

Add a new coupon

Accept coupons in a form

Edit an existing coupon

Delete an existing coupon

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Mailchimp integration

AWeber integration

ActiveCampaign integration

Constant Contact integration

ConvertKit integration

Drip integration


SendFox integration

SendGrid integration

Sendinblue integration

EmailOctopus integration

Stripe integration

PayPal integration

Zapier integration

Integrately integration

Google Analytics integration

reCAPTCHA integration

Thrive Automator

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Using your email integration

Connect email integrations with your form

Send an email to confirm the subscription

Add users to list

Assign subscribers to groups

Tag subscribers

Opt-In Choice field

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The form builder won’t load

Themes with Kirki framework

Invalid registration key error

What to do if it arrives in your Spam folder

What to do if the email notifications don’t arrive at all

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